Dear Colleagues,

We hope everyone had a happy Veteran's Day weekend. To all colleagues and friends who have served, we are indebted to your sacrifices and honor you on this special day and every day.

We on the Executive Board hope your semester has been productive so far. In this email, we offer helpful information on the following:

1) General Member Meeting

2) Rank Promotion & Senior Adjunct Status


4) Conference Reimbursement

5) Executive Board Meeting with President Krislov

6) Membership

7) Pace Safe/Safe Colleges Training

1. Member Meeting

Our general member meeting will take place on Tuesday, November 29th from 3:35-4:35. All are welcome, either in person (at the Student Center West - 1 Pace Plaza) or via Zoom. Register here to attend virtually. Come socialize with colleagues, hear what your union has in the works, and share your ideas. We look forward to seeing you then.

2. Rank Promotion & Senior Adjunct Status

The process for rank promotion is now open. Any adjunct who

has served in their rank for 3 years is encouraged to apply.

New this year: adjuncts no longer need prior chair approval to apply. Anyone interested may contact Barry Bullis with questions or for support.

Adjuncts who have served 25 years at Pace are encouraged to apply for Senior Adjunct status. For further information on rank promotion and senior adjunct status, visit the Provost’s webpage here.


Adjuncts who have outstanding student loans may be eligible for forgiveness under the PSLF Waiver, even if you were previously

denied. If you would like to reapply and establish eligibility under the new legislation, submit your request and forms to

 4. Conference Reimbursement

Pace University and the UAFP are pleased to announce the continuation of the Adjunct Faculty Scholarship Presentation Fund. This program provides funding for adjunct faculty members who present papers or chair panels at national conferences in their disciplines. For more information, visit the Provost’s webpage here for the guidelines.

5. Executive Board Meeting with President Krislov

As part of our collective bargaining agreement, the UAFP executive board meets with the university president twice a year. Later this month, we will discuss with President Krislov two union issues that remain unresolved: paid office hours and the new evaluation form.

6. Membership

A union is only as strong as its membership. Lately, several university adjunct faculty unions have had to fight hard for what is right and fair. Now is the time to ensure your union is strong, well before the next contract.

In order to be a full UAFP member, you must fill out a membership form. Dues deduction is not the same thing. The form is located here.

If you are not clear about your status, please email

The UAFP board welcomes any member who would like to get involved in the functions of the union.

7. PaceSafe or SafeColleges mandatory training

Some members have received an email from Pace regarding PaceSafe or SafeColleges mandatory training. This training is only required for adjunct faculty who receive grant funds: that is, it does not apply to adjuncts in general. Do not complete the training unless you are 100% certain that you must. You will not be paid if you complete it and do not receive grant funds.

As always, if you have any question, comments, or concerns, reach out to the executive board members by emailing

Thank you,

UAFP Executive Board

Bill Quinlan, President

Barry Bullis Vice-President & Communications Director

Beth Roberts, Secretary

Glenn Martin-Miller, Treasurer

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