UAFP May News – Elections, Evaluations, and More…

Dear Colleagues,
The Executive Board hopes that you have a productive and successful end to the Spring 2022 semester. We are always in awe at the professionalism and dedicated service of all adjuncts and part-time employees – the students are all the better for having you!

In this month’s email, we include information on:

1) Elections 
2) Member Contact Information
3) Adjunct Evaluations
4) 20 Year Longevity Clarification
5) Onboarding Form

1) 2022 Elections

The Executive Board is very appreciative of everyone’s time and considerable efforts throughout this process. The election committee’s tireless work forged many new roads for the union with lots of new learnings for the future.

Thank you David Freeman, Jay Muir, and Maury Hutcheson for offering to serve the members of the union. We look forward to continuing to working with you for the betterment of the union.

We also look forward to continued and increased involvement of all interested members to make the union bigger, better, and stronger by addressing concerns and ideas.

Election results and member vote tallies are on the union website –

2) Member Contact Information

It has recently become apparent that many members have outdated personal information (phone numbers, addresses, etc.) with Pace University and, thus, the union. It is important to ensure that your personal information is up to date. To check or update your information, please log onto your Pace Portal – under the Employee Self Service heading there is a tab for Personal Information.

3) Adjunct Evaluations

Please note that according to the CBA, adjuncts are evaluated each year by their department chair. Members are entitled to a copy of their evaluation by August 15th. We highly encourage all members to obtain and keep copies of their evaluations.

The revision process of the evaluation forms is well underway. The revision committee, comprised of 2 union Executive Board Members and 3 Pace University faculty/admin, have finalized revisions that are now working their way through the university approval process. We are pleased that all suggestions/requests of the union have been incorporated in the proposed revised evaluations. We anticipate these evaluations to be used for the 2022-2023 school year.

4) 20 Year Longevity Increase

In the March UAFP Info Brief, we encouraged all eligible members to apply for longevity increases (due date of April 1st). While the 25 and 35 year increases may be applied for at any time once one hits those benchmarks, the 20 year longevity increase is new to this contract. Thus, at present, adjuncts are only eligible to receive this increase if you hit your 20 year longevity during the length of the current contract (July 2021-June 2024). We hope to expand the eligibility in the next contract.

5) Onboarding Form

The Executive Board and our legal counsel recently revised the form adjuncts and part-time employees will receive at the time of hire. This form has both the membership application and dues deduction authorization. We expect this form to be implemented by Pace immediately. We anticipate that this new form will eliminate the confusion over the two processes and be a welcome to many new members.

As always, if you have any question, comments, or concerns, reach out to the executive board members by emailing

Thank you,
UAFP Executive Board

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