UAFP May Member Brief – Bonus, Training, & More!

Greetings Colleagues,


We hope you have had a good semester. Recently, the Pace community experienced a major disruption, with the collapse of the parking garage on Ann Street. Nevertheless, we faculty took it in stride and continued to support and educate our students in exemplary fashion.


This month’s newsletter covers a number of important issues…


1) May bonuses. As a reminder, eligible adjunct faculty and part-time staff instructors will receive a one-time bonus payment equal to 2% of their total teaching compensation for the Fall 2022 and Spring 2023 semesters. The payment will be issued to all eligible bargaining unit members employed by Pace as of March 31, 2023, and disbursed in the May 31, 2023, payroll.


2) Required training. Note that the training request you received from SafeColleges, entitled "Protecting Against Phishing and Malware (Custom),” is mandatory. The training should take around 30 minutes and must be completed in the next few days. Upon completion, faculty will be paid at the training rate per our contract: $45 per hour (or fraction thereof, as per the task).


3) Conference presentation reimbursement. Pace and the UAFP jointly reimburse up to $600 annually for adjuncts who present at national conferences. See the guidelines and online application here. The UAFP aims to increase the reimbursement amount starting this fall. We have requested that Pace increase their contribution to $750, which the UAFP would then match. We expect Pace to respond soon. Watch for updates on the application website and at


4) Evaluations. Per our contract, all adjuncts should receive a copy of their annual evaluation by August 15th. This year will mark the first use of the new evaluation forms. Click here to view them.


5) Fall 2023 pay raises. The total percentage increase amount allocated for is 4%. As outlined in the agreement, this percentage will be distributed as follows: three-fourths as an across-the-board increase and one-fourth as a merit bonus. Eligible bargaining unit members with a 4.0 rating or higher will receive the maximum merit increase.


6) Pace systems deactivation. We have learned that faculty who have not worked for Pace in the past two years will be considered for deactivation and/or removal from Pace systems. Apparently, three emails will been sent to affected employees, asking them if they plan on returning. If you are in this category, you will want to address these emails.


7) Office Hours. The UAFP continues discussions with Pace administration to ensure that the valuable time we spend with student outside the classroom is recognized and compensated. While we have reached agreement on the value and need for office hours, Pace has yet to commit to a systematic plan for adjuncts.


As always, if you have any question, comments, or concerns, reach out to the executive board members by emailing


Thank you,
UAFP Executive Board


Bill Quinlan, President
Barry Bullis, Vice-President & Communications Manager
Beth Roberts, Secretary
Glenn Martin-Miller, Treasurer
UAFP Executive Board

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