UAFP March Information – Elections, Longevity Increases, Money and More…

Dear Colleagues,
We expect that the semester is going well and hope you get some needed rest during Spring break next week. 

In this month’s email, we include information on:
1) Elections
2) Money!
3) Longevity Increase Applications – Deadline April 1st
Income Replacement Applications – Deadline April 1st
4) Conference Presentation Reimbursement
5) Financial Audit

1) From the Elections Committee:

  • Statements of candidates running for office may be found on the UAFP website here.
  • Deadline to become a member in order to vote in the elections is March 21st. Membership forms are here.
  • Ballots will be mailed to current member’s (full members only) homes on March 23rd by the American Arbitration Association. Please be on the lookout and remember to return your ballot promptly. They must be received by 9am on April 11th to be counted.
  • Meet the Candidates – There will be a Zoom meeting to meet the candidates and ask questions on March 30th at 12:15pm. Please register to attend:

2) Money!

Per our recent contract, if you taught in the Spring of 2020 and also taught in Fall 2021 or Spring 2022, you soon will be getting a check in the amount of $105.45. This is an equal share to all eligible members of the $60,000 amount provided from Pace for advancing the Pace mission during the pandemic.

3) Longevity Increase Applications – Deadline April 1st, Income Replacement Applications – Deadline April 1st

Longevity Increases and Income Replacement: Deadlines April 1st!

  • If you are having your 20 year anniversary at Pace this year, please be sure to apply for the 20 year longevity increase ($100 per credit) by emailing
  • If you have 25+ years at Pace (475/$150 per credit depending on degree), please apply for the 25+ year longevity. You must have 2 peer recommendations (1 full-time) and the recommendation of the chair. You may find the online application here.
  • If you have 35+ years and have applied for the 25+ longevity, apply for this longevity increase ($100 per credit) with the recommendation of your chair. Application here.
  • If you have taught at Pace for multiple years and have a drop in your teaching load, please check the requirements in the contract for income replacement. If you believe you qualify, please send an email to Pace HR at

4) Conference Presentation Reimbursement

Please see the guidelines and online application here.

5) Financial Audit

A financial audit is being conducted by our accountants to begin April 1st. It is projected to take 2 months to complete. We will share when completed.

As always, if you have any question, comments, or concerns, reach out to the executive board members by emailing

Thank you,
UAFP Executive Board

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