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A Statement from the Experience Slate

In February of 2021, the UAFP executive board took a vote to disaffiliate from NYSUT, after being granted that responsibility by a constitutional change via member vote that affiliation was no longer required (94% of voting members approved disaffiliation).
$990,000 for affiliation for what?
1. The UAFP was paying 1⁄2 of all adjunct/part-time dues collection ($6,000 a month to NYSUT). NYSUT was pressuring the union to pay more, as they felt this amount was not our fair share. Remaining with NYSUT would have necessitated higher dues or face union financial instability.
2. NYSUT did not provide services that were of utmost importance to the union:
a. legal representation for grievances and contract negotiations (We had to retain a lawyer at significant cost per year)
b. Support in increasing membership (to ensure maximum union strength and solidarity)
3. NYSUT also provided poor guidance in the UAFP establishment, allowing for a no strike clause and arbitration subject to Pace President veto (significantly putting the union at a weakened stance in bargaining future contracts/benefits) and developing a constitution that was found to be illegal by the American Federation of Teachers and had to be re-written by the UAFP at additional cost.
4. While a few members purchased group insurance benefits, less than 2% of members indicated a desire for these benefits. With disaffiliation, members dealt with the vendors directly. The Executive Board is in the process of obtaining bids from vendors for replacement of these benefits.
Since disaffiliation, the union has been able to accomplish the following for the members:
A. Negotiated a strong contract that increased minimum salaries 12-17% over 3 years, added a 20 year service longevity pay increase, lowered employee ratings for full merit (4 instead of 5), and added a training rate for future Pace mandated trainings.
B. Because of the Union, the average adjunct who taught in Spring 2020 and then again in either Fall 2021 and/or Spring 2022, received an additional $781.12 to your base during the contract term. That is the extrapolated 2.5% raise (notwithstanding minimum rank increases) per credit since Fall 2020 as well as the $105.45 from the $60k we're receiving from the University. The breakdown goes as follows:
Over $550 381 66.8%
$450-$549 68 11.9%
C. Successfully defended grievances of a dozen members.
D. Assisted in reinstating all contractual benefits and conference reimbursement
E. Currently negotiating improvements to the adjunct/part-time evaluations
We would like to assure members that the union has reached out to other national labor unions to assess their ability to benefit/meet the needs of our members. This process is just beginning as there is a standard year-long period from disaffiliation so that there is no perception of “union poaching”.
Beware of the CHANGE being proposed by David Freeman, Jay Muir, and Maury Hutcheson!!
  1. They are promising new vision, energy, and advocacy for the union, and have previously refused to participate in union activities when asked.  David Freeman was asked to be the union representative for the Pleasantville campus and declined, citing lack of time for the union.
  1. Maury Hutcheson was previously briefly on the Executive Board and was asked to resign, and ultimately removed for Constitutional violations and inability to work as a team.
  1. As part of the “Concerned Member’s Caucus”, these candidates have flaunted the union’s protections and procedures for their own interest – holding membership meetings without the officers, misuse of member’s private emails, and (despite wanting more seats at the table and representation) have ignored email and phone call outreach from the current Executive Board to discuss their wants.
  1. They, and supporters, are removing the elections material of their opponents from public spaces and personal mailboxes.  Is this how they will welcome people at the table? – or will only like-minded members be worthy?
  1. If Pace [or even the union] offers healthcare (even at partial cost – which so far they have only theoretically agreed on full cost) it will be more expensive and preclude adjuncts from purchasing cheaper healthcare on the exchange!
Is this the change you want?
Choose carefully! Vote for The Experience Slate of officers!
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