Important UAFP Deadlines and Information

Dear Colleagues,


We hope that as we are approaching the mid-mark of the semester, all is going well with you personally and professionally.

This news blast contains time sensitive deadlines and announcements. Please contact us at if you have any questions, comments or concerns.


1. “Income Replacement” Payment - Deadline Nov. 1st
Article 6.2 of our contract ensures a one-time payment for those adjuncts that have been assigned 3 or more less credits in a semester than their average (at least 6 per semester for 8 consecutive semesters). There are also some other eligibility requirements, so we encourage any adjunct who believes they may be entitled to this payment to apply by email to Pace’s Executive Director, Employee and Labor Relations, Bernadette Baumann at by the deadline.


2. Voluntary Benefits
The UAFP is pleased to offer voluntary supplemental health benefits in partnership with Colonial Life. These benefits include: Dental (with optional vision coverage), Whole Life Insurance, Accident Insurance, and Specified Disease Coverage. Open enrollment for these benefits is October 16th - 27th. Please go to this link for more information and to schedule an appointment with a benefits counselor. Great News: During this enrollment period there is no medical underwriting for up to $200,000 on whole life and up to $20,000 on critical illness.


Additionally, there are many other benefits and discounts that can be found on our benefit hub.


3. Letter to Membership
In September, all adjuncts and part-time members of the Pace community should have received a letter in the mail. This letter details, as we begin preparations for our next contract negotiations, some of the inequities of Pace compensation with similar universities in the area. If you have not seen the letter, or would like to review it, a copy will soon be posted on our website.


4. Union Membership
It is with great excitement that we can report that over the last few months, full membership in the union has grown by 10%! There is strength in numbers and this unity will be much needed during our next contract negotiations. If you are still not yet a full member of the UAFP, now is the time to complete a membership form. The easiest way is to go here ( on our website and complete the digital form. A person will not be able to vote to ratify a contract settlement or UAFP Constitution revision unless they are a full member. Also remember, full membership does not increase dues.


5. Conference Reimbursement - Ongoing
Pace University and the Union of Adjunct Faculty (UAFP) are pleased to announce a continuation of the Adjunct Faculty Scholarship Presentation Fund. This program provides funding for adjunct faculty members who present papers or chair panels at national conferences in their disciplines. Please see the Pace Provost website here for the guidelines and application. In fact the Provost website for adjuncts has a lot of helpful information.


6. Constitution Revisions
The UAFP constitution is undergoing proposed revisions with the input of our legal counsel. Once the process is complete, we will be in touch with further information regarding how members may access the proposed constitution.


7. Addresses
Quite a few mailings from the UAFP have been returned for incorrect addresses of adjuncts. Please remember that you must update your address with Pace University for the union to also have your correct information.


8. Rank Promotion & Senior Adjunct Applications
As in the past, adjuncts who meet eligibility requirements may apply for rank promotion and senior adjunct status. With the new online format for application, the deadlines are now in the Spring of 2024. See the Provost's website for requirements and deadlines. Feel free to reach out to with questions or concerns.

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