UAFP Statement on September 2023 Pay Increase

Greetings Colleagues,

On February 28th, Pace University sent an email to adjuncts detailing two increases in pay.

Adjuncts on the payroll as of March 31, 2023 will receive a 2% bonus based on our pay for Fall 2022 and Spring 2023 courses; the bonus will be included in the final paycheck for the semester. See below for a further explanation of the advocacy needed by your union to ensure we received this payment.


In September, all adjuncts will receive a 3% guaranteed raise, with an additional 1% possible based on merit (according to our contract).


In January 2022 and prior years, adjuncts received the same pay increase as full-time faculty, in accordance with our contract. In January 2023, however, the increases for full-time faculty and adjuncts were not aligned.


As President Krislov explained in an email sent to full-time faculty in December 2022: "With input from the University Budget Committee, we will be able to provide a year-end bonus and a tiered [emphasis added] salary increase for the people who work at Pace." In addition, full-time faculty will receive a 2% bonus (up to $3,000) this spring.


We initiated discussions with the Provost and HR Vice President, to point out that our contract does not have tiered increases, and that the merit percentage for full-time faculty was is not in line with that for adjuncts (per our contract). The university also did not view the bonus as part of the salary increase for full-time faculty, which the UAFP board argued vigorously that it indeed was.


In addition, the board strongly encouraged the university to begin addressing the wide pay disparities between Pace and surrounding universities. The university’s response is that our pay increase this year must remain in line with that of the full-time faculty. President Krislov assured us that his administration will address the pay disparities this summer when they begin working on the next budget.


We on the Executive Board are dissatisfied that Pace has not taken this opportunity to redress these inequities, and we resolve to continue pressing for pay and benefits that befit the incredible service we provide students and to the university. Given that we teach more than 63% of all courses and 70% of a first-year courses, we will not accept anything less than what we deserve.


To ensure that you are heard and counted, become a full member of our union by filling out the membership form here. Feel free to share your ideas and talents with your UAFP leadership by emailing

Thank you,

Bill Quinlan, President
Barry Bullis, Vice-President & Communications Manager
Beth Roberts, Secretary
Glenn Martin-Miller, Treasurer
UAFP Executive Board

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